Thursday, April 14, 2016

Refilling the Well

As a writer, sometimes I need to step back and regroup and stop being a hermit. Live life. Make memories. Refill the well. Many of the stories I write are set in small Texas towns. What better way to live life AND do research than to go to an old-fashioned Church Bazaar?

A couple of Sundays ago, this is exactly what I did. Hubby and I went to visit his dad up at the farm and we all decided to go to the bazaar, walk around a bit, then buy lunch and take it home. When we got there, I immediately knew I didn't just want to walk around. I wanted to play the games of chance and indulge in some tasty sweets.

First thing I did was buy a cupcake. I felt like a kid, eating it and getting the icing all over me. Then I played the games. You know the kind I'm talking about where you plop down your quarter on a numbered squared and they spin the wheel and you hope you win a prize.

Well, it was my lucky day! I won not once, but twice!!! I won a pound of homemade peppered bacon and a delicious lemon sheet cake. I tried and tried to win a plant, but alas . . . my luck ran out.

I had fun at the bazaar. And the new memory and experience is now tucked away inside my writer's brain for future reference.

Happy Writing!!!

Anne Marie   :)

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